Introduction to R34P

What makes R34P Different

A Community driven fair launch project, R34P’s highlights include token burns, A deflationary supply, fees from every transaction rewarded to all holders and well connected community of influencers. These are the key Factors that make the R34P Protocol Safe and Lucrative.

R34P is a soft fork and constructed as a secondary layer on Reflect Finance (RFI) project. The idea was to improve on the safety aspect holders experience by mitigating points of risk associated with joining new projects.

R34P was issued with no presale or allocation of any kind in order to level the playing field for all holders. As another layer of protection, buy orders were limited to 2500 tokens to prevent bots from buying up a large percents of the supply and it worked flawlessly.

Why is this important?

In order for this project to be successful it was paramount to do a fair launch.

The Project lead Forex Shark (A well known and respected figure in the cryptomarket space) decided to front the money to develop a version of this protocol where everyone was on the same playing field. The success of Forex and the community that supported him is directly tied to the success of the project.

It’s always important to know the motivations of a person and having a fair launch where everyone had to buy their own tokens is as safe as it gets.

Ok so lets talk about the Tokenomics

(R34P) token benefits every holder with a low-cost charge of 1% fee in every transaction on the blockchain, the fee redistributes to every wallet holder automatically based on the amount of R34P token in their wallets and another 1% will be sent to the burn address (0x000) that will automatically burn and reduce the circulation/total supply.

Initial Supply: 100,000

Team Allocation: NONE

Liquidity: LOCKED

Rewards: 1% On Every transaction split between holders

Burn: Every transaction triggers a 1%

This all translates to sustained healthy upward price movement.

So whats in the Future?

The supply will continue to get lower, price will rise and bag holders will continue to earn fees, AKA constant rise in price. The first 24 hours have proved this in spades. For R34P, the community supporting the project has long established connections with youtubers, twitter influencers, traditional marketers and more members piling on. Join the community and start to R34P your rewards.



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Locked Liquidity

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